Fat Frogs Triathlon Club

Serious training for serious tri-athletes.

Triathlons are serious business.

In order to compete and be competitive you need serious training from professionals and like-minded training partners. Fat Frogs Triathlon Club brings you both.

Our coaches are certified professionals who will help guide you to your highest levels of competitiveness. And, your training partners will help you bring your best game to each and every training session and competition.

Fat Frogs Triathlon Club has a reputation for being among the best clubs in the entire Hampton Roads area…take the time today to find out why.

Discover a training schedule designed for real competitors

Workouts are scheduled for up to six times per week, and we don’t quit for the weather.  The Club meets from February to October so you remain in peak condition.

During the winter months, we train fro swimming at local, indoor swim clubs. As soon as the weather permits we transition outdoors to open water lake or ocean swims.

Bad weather doesn’t stop the Frogs! Our training sessions during the winter months are conducted at Fat Frogs Bike & Fitness in Chesapeake. Outdoor group training rides are held during the warmer months.

We train at a variety of running locations in the Hampton Roads area.  Location depends on the training goals…distance drills, terrain management, speed work or whatever best prepares you for the next competition.

Core training is something many training centers omit from their member’s regimen. Fat Frogs Tri Club believes core strengthening is an integral part of proper form, range of motion improvement.

For more information or to register for the team complete the online contact form.

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